Legal Way To Harass Covernment

Published on 23 January 2023 at 19:54

Legal ways to harass the government as much as possible
If you hate 'the high gentlemen in The Hague', but don't know what to do with your anger, here are some tips to thwart the government.
Abel van Gijswijk
By Abel van Gijlswijk



fuck mark rutte and the government
fuck mark rutte and the government
Government does nothing , that much is certain. And what they do do is not good: they are raising one tax every day, they are not trying hard enough to implement sustainability measures and they are protecting the financial world. Just to name a few. But yes, what do you do about it?

You can take to the streets with a banner, and be forgotten before you turn the corner, or withdraw from society as a hermit. That, or – like most government haters – whining about 'the high gentlemen in The Hague'/'bag fillers'/'Hague's nest of crooks', only to eventually succumb to the pressure of blue envelopes and the threat of legal proceedings.

Organized anarchist resistance goes too far for most citizens, because the risks are too great and it is often also a lot of hassle: you can end up in prison and eating something with lentils every day is no fun for anyone. But luckily there are also plenty of ways to fool the government that are not illegal. Anarchist resistance is much more comfortable from your own living room than from a squat hole. Here are a few handy tips to legally harass the government. Leave your own (legal!) suggestions in the comments.

Do not pay the administrative costs of fines
In 2012 , the court in Amsterdam ruled that the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB for intimates) may not charge administrative costs for traffic fines. A citizen must pay for the punishment, but does not have to pay for the execution of that punishment, that is the idea. Unfortunately, the judiciary has learned nothing from this: the CJIB still cheerfully charges administration costs.

In 2013 , a woman did pay her fine of 143 euros , but did not pay the administrative costs of 6 euros . Justice increased the fine a few times to 711 euros and called in a bailiff. When the case came before the subdistrict court, Justice stated that it was the woman's own fault - she should have paid the administrative costs. But the judge wondered whether the disproportionate way in which the Ministry of Justice increased the fine was in line with the European Convention on Human Rights. The writ of execution was annulled and her objection was upheld.

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What do we learn from this? Never pay the administrative costs of a fine and always appeal. If you still have to pay the administrative costs, there is another enormous consolation: it has cost the government much more money to collect it than it brings them in.

Request confidentiality of your name
A small movement of so-called sovereigns is reclaiming their names from the state. The idea is that you can deregister from the Dutch state by means of three legally responsible steps. We published a piece about this at the end of last year, if you want to learn more about it. After the first step, their story gets a little fuzzy, but step one is a solid way to put the government in its place. This is because it is a matter of secrecyapplications in the municipal basic administration. With this confidentiality, the government is no longer allowed to provide your data to third parties without your permission. It's crazy that it's not the default, of course, but this is the world we live in. Unfortunately, the secrecy does not apply to government agencies such as the tax authorities or the police - they can always know everything about you.

Borrow as much as possible from DUO and put it in a savings account
DUO issues loans at an incredibly low interest rate, which means that it is cheap money. Borrow the money at 0.12% interest and put it in a savings account that pays more interest—practically all savings accounts do—to earn free money thanks to the state. Nice to buy a house at the end of your studies, for example. The condition is, of course, that you do not spend that money, but a third of the students do it, and DUO does not check it. And although Jet Bussemaker, the Minister of Education, has stated through a spokesperson that this is not the intention at all, it is simply legal. In fact, this is actually the principle on which the entire financial world is built. So take advantage of it.

Object to everything
Until January of this year, a dissatisfied resident of Dordrecht wrote dozens to hundreds of letters with WOB requests, objections, enforcement requests and complaints to the municipality every month. That drove them crazy. According to administrative law, the municipality is obliged to respond to all requests – subject to a fine – and that would have cost the municipality about HALF MILLION a year. Dordrecht took it to court, who imposed a maximum of two letters per month on the man and a penalty for each too many letters sent. Nevertheless, the man went on cheerfully and did not pay a penny.

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As a consolation, the municipality can now hold the man hostage – one day per too many letters sent. He was detained for sixteen days in January and has since been declared bankrupt. "The municipality does not get anywhere with it and the conflict is certainly not over," he told AD from Turkey , which praised him as a 'objection tiger'. He appealed and is now allowed to send five letters a month, instead of two.

Pay cash as much as possible
Cash makes the government work and the government hates work. It is therefore important to do as much cash as possible. For example, you can pay fines to the CJIB at GWK Travelex offices. That costs the CJIB money, because Travelex is a large international company that trades currencies, and large international companies do not like to work for free, especially not for the government.

Someone recently paid an outstanding amount of four thousand euros in cash at the police station. The fact that the man had so much cash in his pocket did not arouse suspicion among the officials in office, but you can bet they got their ass kicked for taking it.

Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot pay your taxes in cash and you have to rely on the banking system, which does not have a very good name. If you are an adventurous type of government hater, it is of course worth making a fuss about it and starting some lawsuits.

Don't keep your own suggestions for fooling the government to yourself, share them with us. Please note that it is all really strictly legal, because we have a little brother to illegality here.


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