Something incredible is happening in Europe, that will fuel the worldwide awakening

Published on 9 July 2023 at 09:55


Belgium (Brussels) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam) are at the very heart of the worldwide network of financial elites, who are behind the WHO, WEF, UN, EU, etc.



These nations are also the center of the worldwide child trafficking networks, that operate all throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc. 74% of all worldwide child pornography material is hosted in The Netherlands, making it a global hub for government organized child abuse, which is the lifeblood of the cabal.



Many international lines of extreme evil lead back to The Netherlands and Belgium, from where it affects all other nations of the world.



One well known example of the central role of the Dutch in the agenda for world domination, are the infamous Bilderberg meetings, where politicians and powerful people from the US, Australia, Canada, Asia, Africa, and everywhere else in the world, gather to plan their strategy for world domination.



It is the Dutch royal family who is behind the nefarious Bilderberg meetings, showing their key role in the agenda for world tyranny.



The ancient Royal families from Europe are the core of what is referred to as the “cabal”. The cabal is the international network of tyrants who want to achieve world domination, by means of infiltration and subversion of every government. From Europe they stretch their tentacles to the rest of the world.


Most people in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa etc. fail to understand how the evil they suffer, is the result of what is being orchestrated in Europe. For example, people in the USA can be mad at Biden for destroying America, but they fail to comprehend how Biden, and all of Washington DC for that matter (= the Deep State), is nothing but an extension of European entities.



Americans, wake up from your blindness, and see how you are part of a worldwide scheme! See beyond your borders, to the WORLD!



America was founded by people who broke away from the satanic rulers in Europe. The Founding Fathers laid the foundation for a new nation where freedom would reign, but they were immediately infiltrated, and subverted it into a franchise once again of the City of London, which is the financial heart of the world. If the US wants to have permanent victory in the battle against tyranny, Americans have to learn what happens in Europe, as that is where all the roots are. The same goes for Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc.



All the lines of tyranny and corruption lead back to Europe.



The World Economic Forum has chosen The Netherlands to be a testing ground for the rest of the world. During the pandemic unvaccinated people weren’t allowed to shop, nobody was allowed to leave their home after 8pm, peacefully protesting citizens were beaten to death or ended up in the hospital. Thousands of farms are set to be destroyed, to make way for the largest Smart City in the world. The Dutch harbors are key for the worldwide child trafficking operations. Dutch journalists exposing the government led child trafficking networks, have been arrested. And so on.


The Netherlands is one of the worst “cabal” countries of the world, testing numerous systems of tyranny, before they implement them worldwide.




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